You don’t need to leave the job you love to make more money. If you introduce people to the benefits of Trainwell products, you’ll earn 20% commission on everything they buy from us.

We’re looking for independent sales representatives to join our team. You might already be working in the fitness industry, as a coach, personal trainer or instructor. Or maybe you’re looking to start your career in sport. Either way, you’ll have drive and ambition, and you’ll love talking to people. If this sounds like you, we want you on our team.

You don’t need any sales experience. You won’t be cold-calling people, or knocking on doors with this fitness sales job. You just need to recommend our products to people you know who might benefit from them. In return, we offer you a great commission for introducing new customers to us.

If we sell just one Original Volume Vest™ that’ll entitle you to £***. If we sell one a month,that’s an extra £**** you’ll be entitled to in a year. We have plenty of products in development, from leisure wear and sports equipment, to fitness equipment, nutritional supplements and sportswear.

Benefits of a job in fitness sales

  • 20% commission paid on all personal introduction sales PLUS 5% on group sales
  • No sales targets
  • No cap on how much you can earn
  • No previous sales experience required
  • Wide range of products in development, so repeat sales possible
  • Opportunity to progress
  • Personal support
  • Nationwide opportunities

How does it work?

  • You register as a sales representative with us
  • You tell a client/friend/family member about Trainwell
  • They’re interested in our products, so you make the introduction
  • They buy at least one product, and we send it out to them
  • We pay you a commission

How much can I earn in fitness sales?

We don’t cap earnings, so the more introductions you make, the more you can earn. If just one of the people you’ve introduced to Trainwell buys an Original Volume Vest™ you’ll pocket £***. Now imagine how much you could earn if three people buy from us every month, or five.

How can I progress as a fitness entrepreneur?

Once you feel comfortable promoting Trainwell products, you might decide you want to move up to become a group leader. You’ll then recruit friends, relatives and colleagues to apply for a fitness job with us. You’ll share your top tips with them, and offer them support. Each of their sales will earn them 20% commission and bag you 5% commission.

So, if as a group leader there's ten people in your group, who each sell £1,000 worth of products each month, you’ll earn £500. (10 x £1000 = £10,000. Your 5% commission is £500.00.) If they sell £5,000 worth of products each month, you’ll earn £30,000 in a year. That’s on top of your direct sales commission and any money you earn in your main fitness job.

What is included?

  • x1 : Weight Tree
  • x1 : Push up stand & box platform
  • x1 : Chest plate assembly (including x1 stabilization belt & two oblique pads, x1 spine pad, x2 shoulder, x1 Torso pad)
  • x1 : Bump Stop
  • x2 : Weight plate spacers

Please Note : Trainwell Group leaders can take advantage of our Trade Business Option AKA (T.B.O.). T.B.O. is a great way to earn even more for all your hard work. Group leaders please apply for details