Run A Trainwell Event : “R U Tough?”

How does running your very own event sound?

Imagine the crowds cheering on the participants. Visualise stunning equipment being viewed by the crowds.

Trainwell want to support you setting up your very own charity/exhibition event. Yes you heard that correctly. We will come out to you with a selection of our fitness equipment and help you with your event.

What we advise is start humbly with a smaller venue that will hold 100 people. The hire of village/community halls say for an afternoon are dirt cheap. Maybe a local rugby club would help and provide a venue. It isn’t difficult to source and access a venue.

Then you need the people to attend and participant in your event. This really depends on you and your circle of connections and relationships with them. You can choose any theme you like for your event.Trainwell events are highly energetic. Create a buzz and it’s infectious!!

There are many ways to find interested people such as : ads in local newspapers, leaflet drops to local householders and social media are fantastic cost effective ways, but by far the most powerful is face to face so speak to your friends, work colleagues and family asking them to support you.

One theme you could try is Civilians V Military in a press up challenge. How about a brutal squat challenge up to 500 reps done the Trainwell way? Get your creative juices flowing there are endless opportunities here.

Who knows maybe your event will become an annual one that grows in venue size. No longer from humble beginnings in that local village church hall now in a huge conference centre with influential public speakers that delight the crowds.

Talking to people in a non business way should be natural. Picture yourself mingling with the crowd answering questions about Trainwell products. Have you ever told a friend how brilliant something is and they then go and purchase the product or service you recommended? Fitness trainers do this multiple times a day without even realising it. Events are highly powerful showcasing products and you never know there might be sales that follow.

With your passion to generate excitement for your event and our commitment to help how can we lose?

Remember “From Small Acorns Grow Big Oak Trees”

…….So think Big!!