Fitness sales careers with Trainwell™ - Your questions answered

Got a question? We’ve answered the most common ones below. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please do get in touch and we’ll be happy to help

The Original Volume Vest™

Does The Original Volume Vest come with instructions?
Yes, full instructions will be sent to you with the equipment.
Can you give me ideas for exercises to do with The Original Volume Vest™?
Yes. Just ask your designated representative for a guide, or contact us directly. We also offer a free 30 minute Skype instructional session with your representative to help you get started.
Is The Original Volume Vest™ as safe as it sounds?
As with any form of exercise, it is possible to injure yourself. However, The Original Volume Vest™ does reduce many of the risks of weight training. The instructions you’ll receive explain how to use the equipment safely, and what you shouldn’t do. We highly advise that you read and understand the manual in full before you start your first workout.
Can I have a different colour?
Yes. Blue is our brand colour, but we can provide the equipment in a different colour if you’d prefer. In some cases there may be an additional charge for this.
Does it come with weights?
No. You can use your own weights, or purchase them separately. This helps us to keep the costs down. (Please note that The Original Volume Vest™ takes Olympic weight plates only.)
How can I be sure I’ve been sent all the right parts?
We detail everything you need to get going on our website. We have strict quality and control procedures in place to ensure your product gets to you in pristine condition. Please do get in touch if you’re unsure of anything.

What is included?

  • x1 : Weight Tree
  • x1 : Push up stand & box platform
  • x1 : Chest plate assembly (including x1 stabilization belt & two oblique pads, x1 spine pad, x2 shoulder, x1 Torso pad)
  • x1 : Bump Stop
  • x2 : Weight plate spacers

Shopping with Trainwell

How long will my purchase take to reach me?
We aim to ship your purchase as soon as possible. For specialist equipment, such as The Original Volume Vest™, products are manufactured on demand. That means we don’t need expensive warehouses, so can pass the savings on to you. We expect to deliver within 30 days from the purchase date. In most cases this will be earlier. We’ll agree a delivery date and time that suits you.
If The Original Volume Vest™ arrives damaged what then?
We must be notified immediately via email or telephone. It is absolutely essential we are informed of this at your earliest convenience. This helps us investigate where and/or how the damage happened. We operate stringent quality and control procedures from the moment product/s leave us to guarantee product/s arrive with you in pristine condition.
What’s your refund policy?
If you’re not completely happy with your purchase, you can request a refund before 5pm, 14 days from the delivery date. We need to be kept informed via email of your intention to request refund. The product/s must be returned to us in pristine condition as (it/they) were at delivery time. We highly recommend keeping all relevant packaging should there be need to return product/s
Do you offer free delivery?
We offer free delivery for purchases over £50.00.
Do you offer free returns?
While we offer free delivery for product/s over £50.00, we can’t offer a free return on these product/s. Free returns are only applicable for purchases up to the value of £50.00

Becoming a fitness sales representative

Do I have to pay anything to become a fitness sales representative?
No. We will never ask you to pay for products upfront to sell on. And you don’t need to buy products to demonstrate. There’s zero outlay on your part.
How do I become a group leader?
First things first establish yourself as a fitness sales representative. We explain this in greater detail when you request your information pack.
When are commissions paid out?
You’ll be entitled to commission once the sale has been confirmed (15 days after delivery). All commissions are paid in a month’s arrears on or near to the 25th of the month. So, if a purchase is made on July 7th, it’ll be confirmed on July 22nd. The commission will be paid on or near to the 25th August. This is covered in more detail in your information pack.
I’ve recruited a new fitness sales representative. If they recruit someone new, will I earn commission on that person’s sales?
No. If you become a group leader, you’ll earn a commission on the sales that your group makes. If anyone then chooses to lead a new group themselves, you won’t earn commission on the new group’s sales.
How much could I earn on top of my current fitness job?
Difficult to say. We are always introducing new products so as we grow there is ample opportunity for you to do the same.
Do you provide fitness sales training?
We’re here to support you all the way. We want you to succeed and will do all we can to help you to do so. We’re aiming to hold training days at designated locations.
Other than introducing customers to you, do I need to do anything else?
Your sales representative pack will detail how it all works. If you sell specialist equipment, such as The Original Volume Vest™, you may be asked to offer your customers a 30 minute training session. You can do this in person, or by Skype. You don’t need to worry about collecting payment, or organising returns.