About Us

Trainwell is for all that rise to challenges, who push themselves to the limit to see how far they can go. We’re shaking up the industry big time and want you to join us.

Whether you’re a fitness coach, instructor, personal trainer, or business opportunist we can help you make extra money. Introduce your clients, friends or family to the benefits of buying from Trainwell and you’ll earn a commission whilst your clients, friends or family are well satisfied and happy. Everyone wins!!

The Original Volume Vest™ gives you all the benefits of weight-lifting, with less risk of injury. The idea came to Trainwell’s founder Cliff Graves after a training session went horribly wrong. Cliff was doing his usual bench press workout when his arms gave way. He was pinned. Rolling the bar down his body, Cliff was able to escape, but he left the session determined to find a safer way to train. Months of research, trials and refinements later The Original Volume Vest™ was born.

If you want to earn money promoting The Original Volume Vest™ and other fitness products, get in touch.

Train harder, Train safer, Train better, Trainwell